When to come out as a crossdresser

This blog has some advice about coming out as a crossdresser:

Within both society in general and the transgender community, there tends to be numerous dramatic tales of “The Wife Who Immediately Sought Divorce After Discovering Her Husband’s Secret Crossdressing Desire.” I extol my readers to not become caught up by such fears. The fact is, at least within my experience as a careprovider, those marriages which end solely on account of the discovery of a spouse’s crossdressing is a rarity. At worst, a shocked spouse may react with anger and severe disappointment. However, in situations where a spouse walks out the door upon discovery, there are almost always other problems with the relationship. Crossdressing becomes just another reason to end the relationship. My suggestion, if your relationship is on rocky ground, leave that secret wardrobe well hidden and out of sight.

In deciding whether disclosure is appropriate within a relationship, crossdressers must bear in mind that it is possible to pursue this activity in a manner which has no effect on a spouse or others. This is particularly so for persons who only dress occasionally, and have no interest in living “in role” as a member of the opposite gender. While this arrangement may not meet the expectation of one’s fantasies, it is possible to establish transfriendly relationships outside your marriage which provide emotional support, places to store clothing, and dressing opportunities.

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