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How to Crossdress – YouTube videos

December 8, 2007

Watch a man transform himself into Britney Spears…and judging by the fact that over 300,000 people have watched this first and third video (200,000 for the 2nd), it’s very popular! Learn about the drag bag, boa, makeup and more.

A salon for crossdressers in Connecticut

December 8, 2007

Very interesting post about a salon/spa in Connecticut, Joy of Nails, that aims to serve EVERYONE:

Would It Be Beneficial for a female owned/staffed business to hire a crossdressing male, TV or TS?”

Susan is the new owner of a Salon & Spa and is already helping women improve themselves, encourage empowerment and hopefully assisting women in taking charge of their lives.

Her other goal is to provide a discreet salon where cross dressers, TV’s & TS’s can feel comfortable, be pampered and not have to worry about discrimination. A recent cross dresser visited the salon and this person discovered that she and her staff were very accepting of individuals in alternative lifestyles.

This same client at that time of being primped asked to be forcibly feminized having been a categorized cross dresser for years. Per an agreement, Susan made the decision to push HER into the right direction and had made her mind up to completely feminize HER.

Susan and her staff have always felt comfortable around cross dressers so HER feminization provides a unique challenge. Susan would like your opinion. SHE had also expressed a desire to work for Susan and after many years of dressing, being made up for day and not following through with the actual mission of becoming totally feminine she requested Susan and her staff to take charge. Susan wants to know from readers, should she have HER sign a detailed and binding pre-hire contract requiring her to maintain the final feminization for continuing employment?

This cross dresser needs someone that is firm, not cruel, but someone that has a heart, which Susan does, but she will also demand perfection for the finished transformation. Should her transformation be totally in the hands of Susan and her staff, with no options, so that all demands must be met?