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Crossdressing bondage

January 6, 2008

Check out the site for plenty of images of crossdressers in bondage. Hot! Here’s louanncd in shacklesa and gagged, via Flickr:

Also check out Flickr’s male sissy maid pool

What’s so wonderful about crossdressing erotica

November 28, 2007

Today I’ve got some takes on crossdressing and erotica, and why crossdressing and crossdressers are arousing.

First up is Fiona Locke guest blogging over at Lust Bites:

Cross-dressing is a common fetish if you mean men dressing as women. Transvestites describe the joy of wearing soft feminine things, so unlike male clothes. I experience the reverse when I hide my girlish curves in boys’ clothes. It’s strangely erotic, the thick and unflattering cotton Y-fronts and boxer shorts that cover so much more than a flimsy pair of knickers. I feel surprisingly vulnerable, stripped of my feminine wiles and charms. The strict headmaster of my fantasies might take pity on a whimpering girl, but he’s not about to be lenient with a boy.

I’ve done a lot of roleplay as a boy. School canings across my taut schoolboy shorts. Formal 19th century birchings in my Eton tailsuit. ‘Rent boy’ scenes in my Edwardian boy’s suit. (Honestly, before Tipping the Velvet, I had no idea any other girls were into dressing as boys.)

I have some modern clothes too; teen boys’ stuff fits me pretty well. I have to bind my breasts and tuck my hair up under a hat, but I’m reasonably convincing if I don’t have to talk. My boyfriend took me to a strip club in the States once and the low lights helped my disguise. One of the dancers asked if I was gay, but she didn’t suspect I was a girl! Using the gents’ loo was an especially naughty thrill, though I didn’t have the courage to use the urinal. I chickened out and went for the privacy of the stall with the locking door.

Then she’s got an excerpt from a storywith a narrator who “always wanted to know what it’s like to be punished as a boy.”

Portia Da Costa, in “He’s Not Just a Pretty Face…” gives her “Thoughts on Men in Frocks,” also at Lust Bites:

I’ve always had a fondness for writing about men who dress as women. I fact in Not Just a Pretty Face, the second story I ever had published, way back in 1991, Rosie, the heroine thought she might be a lesbian because she fell in love with her glamorous new ‘female’ boss, Ellis. Of course she pretty soon found out that the beautiful creature she so fancied was a ‘he’ and that she wasn’t gay after all… because she’d subconsciously sensed what was under Ellis’s elegant skirt.

I’m not sure why I like to put drag queens and transvestites in my stories. I can’t think of any deep psychological reason for it, other than I’m fascinated by duality, by people having one or more different personae, and assuming masks and disguises and being someone else. Like Clark Kent turning into Superman, Michael turning into Dorothy in Tootsie… like a quiet living, perfectly ordinary and unremarkable Yorkshirewoman turning into Portia Da Costa when she turns to her ‘dark side’ and writes hot erotic romance.

And Crossdressing: Erotic Stories contributor Debra Hyde talks about her story “Just Like a Boy:”

In Crossdressing, I explored my own desire to genderbend. The tale itself isn’t autobiographical — that Master/boy scenario did not go down that way — but the character’s childhood history was my own. Yes, I did indeed have gender presentation arguments with my mom at that catalystic age of three, but I think my father’s acceptance of his outdoor-sy tomboy daughter mitigated the mother/daughter stress.

However, that tomboy default of mine has long had me interested in straight women genderbending. Men crossdressing — whether’s it’s through a domination-based force feminization, or the mere sexual arousal of silk against the skin, or some level of residual glamrock from decades past — we’re erotically acclimated to those elements of male-centered crossdressing. And we’re familiar with the man queer permutations of gender identity. In fact, it’s those very permutations of gender fucking, originating for me in Pat Califia’s fiction, that led me to write Just Like a Boy years ago. I wrote that tale as a voice for my own permutation: that of a bisexual woman connecting to queerness her desire to pack a stiffy and get off on men’s cocks. It was my inner tranny fag speaking volumes. Thankfully, Rachel understood.

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