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The psychology of gender-bending in MMORPGs

November 29, 2007

Not strictly crossdressing, but of interest, I think, from MMORPG Blog

Perhaps this has happened to you or to someone you know: Two characters, one male and one female, are sitting together and enjoying each other’s company in their favorite MMORPG environment. After a bit of lively conversation, the male avatar decides to ask the all-important question:

Male Avatar: ASL?

Female Avatar: 25 M New York

Pregnant silence ensues.

Gender-bending. It happens all the time. Unless you play in a country like Korea, where game registration ID codes practically guarantee that the sex of the player’s character actually matches the player’s own sex, you’ve probably come across situations such as these. Reactions of players vary anywhere from curiosity to amusement to disgust.

Why do guys have female avatars, and why do gals have male avatars? Why is it even important to consider why?

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