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Drag in Hollywood

December 16, 2007

The L.A. Times ran a great piece with photos about drag in Hollywood films a while ago. Here are some pics of Kids in the Hall and the Wayans Brohters:

They say:

We’ve been told that drag is out this Halloween season. Bo-ring. If Halloween is the one night that women feel comfortable flaunting their slutty side, why shouldn’t men be able to flirt with their female side? It’s just dress-up!

To help inspire those daring guys who might enjoy putting on a bra just once in their life, or girls who want to experiment with machismo, we’ve put together a list of famous performances from Hollywood actors in drag. Some of these costumes could be re-created easily; others would take a team of five makeup artists a minimum of four hours to pull off.

But if Cate Blanchett and John Travolta can do it, why can’t you?

Antonio Banderas wants to be a woman for a day

November 19, 2007

“Antonio Bnaderas Shares His Gender Bending Dream,” Starpulse

Antonio Banderas wants to be a woman for a day in an effort to understand the opposite sex. The movie hunk, who is married to actress Melanie Griffith, revealed he would love to wake up as a woman during a press conference to promote his new film The Code In Bulgaria.

But he told reporters he wouldn’t want to step into his wife’s shoes.

When asked which woman he’d like to be for 24 hours he said, “Maybe Mimi Leder (his new film The Code’s director),” before adding, “just to understand what she is going through.”

Maybe he should read Fiona Giles’s excellent anthology Chick for a Day. (which apparently had two covers!)

Here’s the publisher’s description:

What would you do if you suddenly woke up a woman?

The bestselling Dick for a Day: What Would You Do If You Had One? was an unprecedented crossover phenomenon, tickling humor fans, impressing gender studies buffs, and winning over readers of all ages. Now, in the interest of equality and fairness, editor Fiona Giles turns the tables, recruiting a varied stable of Y-chromosomed word-smiths to wax playful, erotic, and philosophic about how they would react if they suddenly discovered they had become distinctly female for a day. “Unlike its predecessor,” Giles tells us in her introduction, “for this collection it turned out that a day just wasn’t enough!”

Among this collection’s brave contributors are alternative press darling Jonathan Ames, acclaimed novelist Rick Moody, premier British poet Jeremy Reed, Nerve founder Rufus Griscom, and rising star Justin Chin. Many of the contributions are comic, some are cautionary, and others are downright strange; but each, at its core, pays homage to women and their sexuality. Beyond the hilarious leaps of imagination and cleverly spun conceits, Chick for a Day‘s chief revelation is the way physical transformation into a woman encourages greater insights into the mind and spirit of both sexes.

Alternately outrageous and profound, Chick for a Day is an eclectic, unique tribute, loaded with eye-opening reading for men, women — and everyone in between.

For those with the oppsoite fantasy, check out Dick for a Day:

Not since Kafka’s Gregor Samsa awoke to discover that he’d turned into a cockroach has literature addressed such a traumatic transformation. In order to compile Dick for a Day, scholar and feminist Fiona Giles approached hundreds of well-known writers, poets, artists, actresses, and academics and asked them to express what they might feel if they abruptly found themselves genitally altered.

From Terry McMillan to Jennifer Blowdryer, from Patricia Cornwell to Linda Sexton Gray, we find unexpected answers: hygienic, erotic, metaphysical, and even spiritual. By turns playful and sociologically profound, Dick for a Day is a milestone in sophisticated humor and feminist literature.