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Gender-bending photos by Guillermo Riveros

November 14, 2007

From an excellent interview at SMITH Magazine with photographer Guillermo Riveros:

Photo by Guillermo Riveros, via Flickr

What’s the funniest or strangest thing that’s happened to you while you were working?
Orines is the first exterior I had ever done. I always shot inside a house or a room or a set that I built. This one I was outside in the field and it was really hard because I was just wearing a thong and high heels and wig, and my boyfriend was helping me take the pictures and there were people moving around us, there were people staring, and the grass was filled with ants and they were biting my feet. And every time my boyfriend was taking the picture, I still have to go back to the camera and see how it’s looking—I have full control of everything. It was funny, I got my heels stuck on the grass, almost fell. I had to run back and forth and we had very strict time restriction because I wanted a very high yellow sunset sun, it gives you less than an hour to work. We were laughing the whole time.